Pepper spray India

6 Ft Range

Can tackle 6-8 Attackers

Legal, safe

No permanent Damage


ChilliGuard Pepper Spray

ChilliGuard is a strong concentrate of Chilli pepper in an aerosol spray and has 6 Ft Range. When sprayed on the face of the attacker, it puts him “out of action” for at least 30 mins. Leaving you enough time to run away/ call Police / Get help.

The small pepper spray can easily be carried in a purse, pocket or kept near door of your home Chilliguard has “fullcap” Design to avoid accidental spraying.

We manufacture Chilliguard pepper spray in India and is available for only 200/- plus 30/- VPP charges. Shipping is 20/- if bought online.


Kindly read FAQ and Disclaimer for more details.

MRP Rs 200/- for 25G
MRP Rs 300/- for 45G

25 G

45 G

25 G

45 G

5 Days by Courier

5 - 7 Days By Post



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