Pepper spary India

6 Ft Range

Can tackle 6-8 Attackers

Legal, safe

No permanent Damage


How does it work?

The spray contains natural chilli concentrate which is about 20 times stronger than chilli. It is under pressure in the aerosol can with a carrier and a propellant. When sprayed, the mixture comes out with pressure and the range is above 6 feet. It instantly but temporarily swells mucus membrane and irritates eyes of the attacker, incapaciting him, giving you enough time to run away or call for help. The effect remains for minimum 15-20 mins. It also works on drunk or mentally unstable person. It can also be used on an attacking animal.


Is It Legal?

Yes. It is Legal to use in India for Self Defence. No other purpose is allowed. It can not be carried on the plane. Remember, it is not a Toy. Keep away from Children. Read instructions on the bottle.


Can I carry it while traveling?

Yes, but not in a plane cabin.


What to do if I accidentally spray it?

The face and affected area should be washed with water. Should not rub it in. If you have, you can use milk for faster relief. The room where sprayed should be ventilated immediately. The effect should go off in half an hour. If after an hour the effect remains then you should see a Physician. The pepper spray is being used for years in the world and it is non lethal and the effects are not permanent.
Chilliguard has a ‘full cap design’ and the chance of accidental spray is nil.


What is the expiry?

There is no expiry date as such but it is advised to change the can after 3-4 years.


How big is the can?


The can is small (35mm diameter and about 100mm length), can easily be carried in a purse or pocket. It contains about 25 grams of product, sufficient to take care of 6-8 attackers. It can be sprayed continuesly for 7 seconds or about 14 bursts of 1/2 second each.



How can I order and pay?


There are two ways.


you can pay online by credit card. ccavenue is our credit card consolidator and the server is high security ssl 128 bits. We do not get your credit card details but just get the 'approved' order. The shipping is free for this mode.



You can order, filling up a form giving details like address, phone no etc. we will send the bottle by VPP. After receiving chilliguard pepper spray, you have to pay the postman cash. The shipping + vpp charge is 30/- for this mode.

25 G

45 G

25 G

45 G

5 Days by Courier

5 - 7 Days By Post






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